SMSC resources

Resources from the Citizenship Foundation

Talking about values in the classroom

Talking about values in the classroom introduces teachers to a method of working that develops students' skills of thinking and talking about moral issues.

Dealing with radical views

Dealing with the BNP and other radical groups sets out key issues and arguments to help schools develop a clear policy on dealing with extreme views, which can be implemented confidently and enable teachers to explore controversial issues and British values.

Dealing with controversial issues

Controversial issues: guidance for schools takes teachers through some of the issues they will face at times of public conflict and controversy (the Charlie Hebdo attack, for example) and advises on how to respond.

Primary lessons

Our Go-Givers programme for primary schools has a wealth of lessons to support SMSC and the exploration of British values and difficult issues.
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Secondary resources

Challenge your students to our six-week Giving Nation programme of social and community action - fundraising, volunteering, campaigning or running their own social enterprise.

Resources from other providers

Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT)

Curriculum briefing for citizenship and PSHE

The Association for Citizenship Teaching has a free curriculum briefing for citizenship and PSHE, which is available to ACT members and non-members alike.

The Prevent Duty and Controversial Issues: creating a curriculum response through Citizenship

ACT also has a guide to teaching about controversial issues against the backdrop of the Government's Prevent agenda

Both are available to ACT members and non-members alike.

If you work in early years education, this page on explains how British values and Prevent requirements affect you.

Human Values Foundation (HVF)

HVF promotes values-based education. It aims to 'encourage, promote and develop human values among young people'. HVF's online shop offers a number of resources for sale that fit with SMSC and British values education.
From £14.50. is a Christian-led project. Its website has a directory of SMSC resources from a number of providers.


Thoughtbox is an online learning resource for schools promoting British values and SMSC education, to 'encourage critical thinking, empathy and global tolerance'.
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