Training from the Citizenship Foundation

British values training in primary schools

The UK Department for Education expects all schools to 'promote British values', but what does that mean in practice? This training module helps teachers to tackle democracy, the rule of law and individual liberty and to develop mutual respect and tolerance of people with different beliefs.

Our experienced primary practitioners help teachers to:

  • Introduce the concept of democracy in a fun and relevant way
  • Provide opportunities for critical thinking
  • Support children to express their views in a responsible manner
  • Explain the purpose of rules and laws
  • Develop respect for one another and for different cultures
  • Tackle the subjects of prejudice and discrimination
  • Address difficult and controversial events in the news

SMSC training in primary schools

This module is designed to support the development of SMSC learning across all areas of school life.

Our experienced primary practitioners help teachers to:

  • identify opportunities for promoting SMSC;
  • understand what Ofsted will be looking for;
  • foster self-knowledge and thinking skills;
  • support children in applying reason when tackling moral and ethical issues;
  • develop the skills of co-operation and conflict resolution;
  • celebrate cultural diversity in the children's local, national and global communities.

The packages

Training is delivered by specialists from our Go-Givers programme for primary schools.

  1. A training session tailored to your staff meeting


  2. A half day, more in-depth, active session


Each package includes a bundle of six Go-Givers lessons for each school and a booklet for each trainee.

For more information, email our Go-Givers team or phone Sarah Kilou on 020 7566 5031